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Out of Focus
May 23, 2013

This photo came from a few different ideas.  First, I am still in the “Shoot the Alphabet” May challenge so I needed and “O” photo. Second, I had a conversation at lunch about the state of photography, how I come up with ideas for the dailypic, the possible end of this project and a interesting idea about posting bad photos. There are so many places to share photos in the social world, Flickr, Facebook, Google+ and 500px to name a few. We got talking about how each has a different purpose facebook is for the masses, family, flickr will get you some positive feedback and it is nice to be seen, google+ is a great theory and we agreed the 500px can really make you feel inferior about your talent or lack of.  Somehow this led to us joking about taking a horrible photo, so bad it could be considered brilliant and posting it somewhere.  Get some of your friends to comment on it, say it is revolutionary, unique, genius…  and we wondered how long would it take for others to join in and at least look at it, maybe add their own comments. I think it could happen, maybe a thumb in front of the lens, maybe lighting that just sucks, red-eye, or a bowl of fruit completely out of focus. Anyway, I got my “O” photo, found a photo for today and maybe it is not as bad as I hoped… my daughter saw the photo I am posting and said she really liked it, “it looks like a cool old painting”.


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