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The Spider
May 5, 2013

Tore down a fence today and this guy was hanging out on one of the old panels. It did not move when I cut the panel up or moved it into the light, or when I went into the house to get the camera, but the second I took the lens cap off and tried to shoot it, it began to run around.  It wanted nothing to do with me.  I had to flip the panels, search for it a few times before I got this shot. It was worth it, macro lens and late afternoon sun and here we are. Let the complaints begin. I will add him to collection of spider photos. Check out some more below, that is if you are even still reading this.

Also, yesterday I held a raffle for a free 8×10 of “The Captain” Lego print.  If you have number 800417, send me a note by clicking here.  Congratulations!



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