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The Groom Waits
March 18, 2013

I’m bending my rules a bit and posting some shots I took a few days ago.  I think I will do it tomorrow too.  Today we have the groom from Friday’s wedding, Jamie. When I edit photos I have a system I usually follow, I start with the first photos and work my way to the end, except with weddings it is different, I always start with the bride.  I look for the story, her story, and fit the photos around it.  The photos drive the narrative and I follow it to the end. Just like always, I started with the bride this time and then I came to one of the shots below.  The one with the couple’s son at the pants leg of his dad tying his tie.  I stopped… I love that shot and it changed my direction, from there I jump the track and followed Jamie’s story of getting ready, of his waiting for the bride.

The idea for the dailypic of him in front of the tub came to me the morning of the wedding.  I actually texted the bride the idea asking of we could get the timing down where I would have him ready for the shot, but the bride’s dress would still be hanging. Some strategic planning and patience on behalf of the couple and I got my shot. The shoes were and add-on, originally it was just  going to be the bouquet. There is minor cropping, I took the photo without his face, just enough to get his grin. For me it works as a portrait of the bride, without her even being in the shot.  Below are some more shots of the groom waiting, and tomorrow I will post some of the bride’s side of the story.


1/60sec, f4.5, 50mm Nikon 1.8, Nikon D700



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  1. Michelle March 19, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    these are awesome Tim!!

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