November 11, 2012

An old friend turned older yesterday, with one of those milestone birthday days that end in zero. This one seemed really far away, not that long ago and the number is coming for most my friends over the next months. Greg was one of the first to go. I am sure we will all be fine, safety in numbers and all that.

So to practice for the rest of us, we gathered and embraced it  as best we could. There was fire, food, jokes, stories, maybe a few roman candles, plenty of cops and one photographer, oh yeah and of course alcohol, what could go wrong… we are all adults, just look at the numbers on the birthday cards.

As for the birthday boy’s mustache, well, that is harder to defend. Choices were made, supposedly in the name of men’s health and the month of Movember. Though I have included an extra photo that proves a pattern of bad judgment when it comes to hairstyles that make us all wonder. (I am sure this will all come back to me somehow, but we kid the ones we love)

A great time was had by all… expect for maybe a neighbor or two. Though, it is interesting how 20 years ago, when these same people gathered in similar ways, we spoke of the future and now all we do is talk about the past. Happy Birthday Greg, this one deserves a year of celebration.


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  1. Christine November 12, 2012 at 6:48 am #

    He still looks the same! The only thing that has changed is his hairstyle! Tim….you are a good friend 😉

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