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Meet Gavin
November 10, 2012

Meet the little man Gavin. Even though he only joined us 15 days ago, I have been looking forward to this shoot since the spring, and it has been actually been in my book since sometime in August. Not the exact date, but I knew I would get a text and need to be ready to go once he arrived and comfortable at home. We had a great shoot, outfit changes, different rooms, and throughout it all Gavin never flinched. He was alert, checking out the flash, letting Mom and Dad set up the shots. He was more cooperative than some of the adults I shoot – you know who you are.

The best part is I had the honor of shooting Gavin’s parents wedding, a gorgeous ceremony on a Cape Cod beach. It was awesome to see the shots displayed in their home, knowing in a matter of time they will be joined by the product of today’s shoot.

Congratulations (again) Kristin & Steve.


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  1. Christine November 12, 2012 at 6:44 am #

    Our future (he’s soooo cute!)!
    Thank you Kristin & Steve! Congratulations too!

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