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thedailypic•yr8•260/365•2817•Little Poppy

I met Poppy and her parents today for a quick photo session. We had fun chasing her around in the grass, hanging out next to the Charles and getting high fives.



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thedailypic•Yr8•083/365•2640•With Santa

We had to brave the mall tonight. Kids did not want to wait in line for Santa, so this is the best we got.


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thedailypic•Yr7•123/366•2314•Running Thaw

Yr7•123/366•2314 Running Thaw January 31, 2016

Running Thaw
January 31, 2016

#SomewhereSunday, took a walk with the camera to a favorite spot. A few more hints below. Where was I?


Yr7•125-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•124-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•123-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•128-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•127-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•126-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•131-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•132-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•130-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•129-366•2314•Running Thaw Yr7•133-366•2314•Running Thaw

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thedailypic•Yr6•340/365•2166•In The Woods

Yr6•340/365•2166 In The Woods September 5, 2015

In The Woods
September 5, 2015

We took a walk today Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick. Shot all the photos with an old lens, my Lensbaby Sweet35.


Yr6•342-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•341-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•340-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•345-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•344-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•343-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•348-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•347-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•346-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•350-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•349-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•351-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•354-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•353-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•352-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•356-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•357-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•355-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•360-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•359-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb Yr6•358-365•2166•Brady One-Bulb

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thedailypic•Yr5•277/365•1738•South Natick Geese

Yr5•277/365•1738 South Natick Geese July 5, 2014

South Natick Geese
July 5, 2014

The family stopped by the South Natick Dam this afternoon. There were plenty of geese enjoying the day.


Yr5•279-365•1738•South Natick Geese Yr5•278-365•1738•South Natick Geese Yr5•280-365•1738•South Natick Geese Yr5•277-365•1738•South Natick Geese Yr5•281-365•1738•South Natick Geese

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