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Just some moss.



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I think I will neglect the yard more so I get more cool things like this.


Yr7•285-366•2472•Mushroom Yr7•284-366•2472•Mushroom Yr7•283-366•2472•Mushroom Yr7•282-366•2472•Mushroom Yr7•281-366•2472•Mushroom

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thedailypic•Yr4•253/365•It’s Like That

It’s Like That
June 11, 2013

It seems to be raining all the time lately. I mowed the lawn 2 days ago and now it is full of mushrooms. Even more rain coming later this week. At this point I am just waiting for vacation. I plan on taking my trp stickers with me to Canada.  Have you requested your trp sticker yet? Still time to enter the contest.  Click here for details, you can win a photo or even a photo shoot.


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