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thedailypic•Yr7•277/366•2468•As the Waterfalls North

Yr7•277-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/20sec, f22, ISO 100, 27mm

Vacation this year was just south of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. A familiar place for the family, we have spent many summers in this area. Part of our trips always involves waterfalls. We stopped at a few favorites, some I have not been to in years, and there were some I did not get to this time. When I shoot waterfalls I travel light, no camera bag, but always a tripod. This year, I had 2 tripods, my go-to travel Manfraotto MeFoto A1350– light and easy to maneuver while standing hip deep in cold mountain water, I have become a master of adjusting this thing on the fly. (water shoes are a must too) – and a new Platypod Pro that had a low profile but can sit on anything, first time using it and it will be a new favorite. Easy to travel with, breaks down to a pouch that clips to a belt. All shots were taken with a Nikon D5, Nikon 24-70mm 2.8 Lens, set on ISO 100, stopped at f22 on a 2 sec timer setting to avoid shake. The shutter time depended on the light, the goal was always to have it as slow as possible to get smooth water. None of these would had looked the same handheld.

The first set is from the Basin stop off rte 93, I have shot here many times over the years. One of my favorite places to hang out. The challenge is usually people in the shots, but this was a great day, not many around. The photo above (then “dailypic”) is from the lower falls of the Pemigewasset River, this never looks the same, I have seen it flooded over, I have seen it trickling with barely any water. The rays were hitting the flume of the waterfall perfectly.

Next falls is right at the start of the trail from the parking lot. I climbed under the first bridge to get the shot, couple strange looks, but they won’t be the last.

Yr7•291-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/6sec, f22, ISO 100, 27mm

Then the tourist area, the Basin itself. Stepped between all the phone photographers taking selfies snapped one shot for proof then moved on to the good stuff.

Yr7•292-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/4sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Yr7•293-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/3sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

The reason I go is for the next shots. ½ mile above the lower falls on the Pemi is Kinsman Falls, my favorite spot in New Hampshire, period. Now, there are bigger falls, there are more impressive falls, but I look forward to shooting this one every time I am North. I have no idea how many times I have been here. My family would stop here often as a kid, my grandparents would take me here too. Over the years the embankment and the trail have worn down, it keeps the casual hikers away. This year it was Anna and I that got to hang out at the spot. I have more photos of Kinsman than any other waterfall, but it will always be on the list.

Yr7•294-366•2468•As the Water Falls4sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•295-366•2468•As the Water Falls6sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Yr7•296-366•2468•As the Water Falls5sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•297-366•2468•As the Water Falls6sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Yr7•298-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/250sec, f2.8, ISO 1250, 24mm

Glen Ellis Falls was the tallest we saw at 64′. Another falls that is always on the list. An easy walk off of Rte. 16 in Jackson, a few miles south of the Mt Washington Auto Rd. Worth the 5 minute trek and a ton of stairs.

Yr7•279-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/3sec, f16, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•277-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/13sec, f16, ISO 100, 24mm

The Lost River is a fun place for the family, it is more about hanging with the kids than getting photos to be honest, but I was able to use the Platypod Pro to get the main falls and one of the “Lost River” from within one of the caves. The Platypod really proved its value here. Weighs nothing but was a tripod when I needed it.

Yr7•281-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/400sec, f2.8, ISO 100, 58mmYr7•278-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/8sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Yr7•279-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/8sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•280-366•2468•As the Water Falls.6sec, f2.8, ISO 800, 36mm

The Kangamagus has plenty of waterfalls, this trip we hit Sabbaday Falls first, this one is always tough because I never seem to get there at the right time of day. Since it is a drive from where ever we stay, I am always with the family at midday and the sun is high I never get a decent shot. I thought I had a chance this year, we sat in the park portion of the stop and ate lunch in the rain. Though the rest of the family was not too happy, I looked forward to nice overcast skies, no direct sun. We finish eating and the sun breaks out as if it knew I was coming. I made the best of the mixed light. Someday I will get here first thing in the morning.

Yr7•282-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/16th sec, f16, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•283-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/20th sec, f16, ISO 100, 24mm

Yr7•284-366•2468•As the Water Falls.6 sec, f20, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•285-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/4th sec, f20, ISO 100, 24mm

I did however get this cool view from under a rock over hang, causing the family to think I plummeted to my demise when I disappeared out of sight. This is one of the shots I like the most from the week.

Yr7•286-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/4th sec, f20, ISO 100, 24mm

The second stop on the Kang was the Rocky Gorge, another stop that really depends on people. Being a cooler day, the swimming spot was not as crowded. I got to set up the tripod in the water and get some shots that show this is the strongest falls I shot this week. Normally this would have 30 people in the scene if it was hotter out.

Yr7•287-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/20th sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mmYr7•288-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/15th sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Crossing the bridge and climbing on the gorge itself to get the other side I got an angle I have never shot before – again because of the mass of people that are usually hanging out here.

Yr7•289-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/13th sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Yr7•290-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/10th sec, f22, ISO 100, 24mm

Rainbow Falls in Plymouth is few miles from the college. Easy half mile walk into the woods off Cumming Hills Road. The walk itself is pretty, stretching along the small Glove Hollow Brook until you get to a 25 foot rock formation with water trickling down. The light is harsh coming through the trees and the streams are not huge right now, but the more you look at the falls the more interesting it gets. Lots of smaller branches feeding in to each other at different levels. The Rock itself is easy to climb, so I got closer shots than I normally would. I tried different angles and heights. A nice place to enjoy with the family. I had not been there for at least 20 years, I believe I was there in the fall last time when the falls and brook had more water. That is why I go back to these places year after year. They are never the same, nature puts on a new show each time.

Yr7•277-366•2468•As the Water Falls-21/400th sec, f2.8, ISO 800, 40mm

Yr7•299-366•2468•As the Water Falls1.6 sec, f22, ISO 100, 38mmYr7•300-366•2468•As the Water Falls1.3 sec, f22, ISO 100, 45mm

Yr7•301-366•2468•As the Water Falls1.6 sec, f22, ISO 100, 31mmYr7•302-366•2468•As the Water Falls1.3 sec, f22, ISO 100, 38mmYr7•303-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/4th sec, f22, ISO 100, 48mmYr7•304-366•2468•As the Water Falls1/4th sec, f22, ISO 500, 24mm

Well if you made it all the way through thanks for reading. It was fun taking the shots knowing I was going to present them this way. Many of these and other waterfall photos will be/are for sale and on display at my gallery, contact me for details. Thank you.



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