thedailypic•Yr5•066/365•1892•Whiskey, Toolbooth, Santa & Toys

Yr6•066/365•1892 Whiskey, Tollbooth, Santa & Toys December 6, 2014

Whiskey, Tollbooth, Santa & Toys
December 6, 2014

Hung out with Whiskey Church, Tollbooth Willie, Santa and a bunch of fans who brought toys to give to tots. A Christmas fundraiser at Liz Diamonds in Hopedale. Great time, over $1500 raised, great job to everyone involved, especially the hard work of Ray Auger. Special thanks to Chip of Whiskey Church just for jumping… you got any guess what song he is singing? Go ahead, it is obvious… might as well… guess.


Yr6•090-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•089-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•088-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•087-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•086-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•085-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•084-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•083-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•082-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•081-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•080-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•079-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•078-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•077-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•076-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•075-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•074-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•073-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•072-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•071-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•070-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•069-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•068-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•067-365•1892•The Jump Yr6•066-365•1892•The Jump


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