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thedailypic•Yr8•203/365•2760•Rene & Pieces of Eight

I sit here editing photos as the Bruins are in their 2nd overtime, I think they need Rene. Tonight I shot the band Pieces of Eight as they entertained the Hero’s Cup Hockey Charity in Marlboro. Rene Rancourt sang the national anthem, then joined the band for some photos.



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thedailypic•Yr7•291/366•2482•Carlie’s Wish

Yr7•291-366•2482•Carlie's Wish

I spent the day photographing a charity event for Carlie. Carlie is a local High School student, a talented musician/singer and is currently being treated for Ewings Sarcoma, a very rare and aggressive bone cancer usually found in children and young adults. The local music community led by Ray Auger held a concert today at Scioli’s in Milford. Raffles, Auction and entertainment by : Whiskey Church, Fringe Benefits, The Lynx, The Knuckleheads and Carlie herself. Thank you to all who came out, over $6K was raised, all the money will be used to support Carlie and her family during this time and assist with fulfilling her dream of having a music studio in her house. If you would like to contribute there is still a chance, feel free to contact me for more info.


Yr7•327-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•326-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•325-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•324-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•323-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•322-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•321-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•320-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•319-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•318-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•317-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•316-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•315-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•314-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•313-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•312-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•311-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•310-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•309-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•308-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•307-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•306-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•305-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•304-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•303-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•302-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•301-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•300-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•299-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•298-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•297-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•296-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•295-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•294-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•293-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•292-366•2482•Carlie's Wish Yr7•291-366•2482•Carlie's Wish


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Last night was the 5th annual WMRC Local Music Awards. For the 3rd year straight I was honored to win the “Favorite Local Non-Musician Supporter”. The dog is not impressed, I think she sees the trophy as a threat to my attention. If she only knew how many people asked about her at the award show, I could not make it through the crowd without a compliment on Josie.

As for the show, there really is nothing like it – picture the Grammys but local, watchable and no one is lip syncing. Get out and support local music, the scene is like no other but like anything great, it is fragile. I have been to shows where the rooms are filled to capacity, I have been to shows where I am the only one. These artist give it their all no matter how many are in the room, but these venues will only keep the shows going if it financially makes sense. So go out, buy a beer, have a meal, listen to some great music, then next year vote for your favorites and join us at the next LMAs.

Congratulations to Ray and Molly Auger and all the other coordinators for a perfect night. Thanks to Liz’s Diamond and staff for hosting, Milford TV for broadcasting/recording the show and most of all all the nominees and winners for just being awesome. Below is a photo of all the nominees in one shot, if you want to see the whole set from the night click here and enjoy.



Yr7•236-366•2427•Honors Yr7•237-366•2427•Honors Yr7•238-366•2427•Honors Yr7•239-366•2427•Honors


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thedailypic•Yr7•169/366•2360•St. Paddy’s Photo Crawl

Yr7•169-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016The Local Music Scene goes all out for St. Patrick’s Day, so I figured why not join them. I took in 5 acts, at 4 venues, in just over 3 hours. Justin & Ray at Cole’s Tavern, David Rak at Rock & Coal, both in Bellingham. Then Tres Hombres at Central St, Velvet Skies and Smear Campaign at Scioli’s, all in Milford.  The crowds were out, the music was great and I got some shots of them all. Not bad for Thursday night.


Yr7•171-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•170-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•169-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•172-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•173-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•174-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•176-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•175-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•177-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•178-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•179-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•180-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•184-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•186-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•182-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•181-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•183-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•189-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•187-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•188-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•190-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•192-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•191-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•193-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•197-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•196-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•194-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016 Yr7•195-366•2360•St Pattys Photo Crawl 2016

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