thedailypic•Yr5•060/365•1886•Medway Holiday Display

Yr6•060/365•1886 Medway Holiday Display November 29, 2014

Medway Holiday Display
November 29, 2014

Medway held the Holiday 2014 parade, Tree lighting and firework display at Choate park tonight.


Yr6•075-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•074-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•073-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•072-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•071-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•070-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•069-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•068-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•067-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•066-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•065-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•064-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•063-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•062-365•1886•Medway Fireworks-2 Yr6•061-365•1886•Medway Fireworks-2 Yr6•060-365•1886•Medway Fireworks-2 Yr6•062-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•061-365•1886•Medway Fireworks Yr6•060-365•1886•Medway Fireworks

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  1. Tillie Pierce November 30, 2014 at 8:49 am #

    Thanks Tim for displaying the fire works, they were beautiful. the parade look great also. but did you guys freeze at it. I had a nice Birthday party, good to be 85 years old. and still get around as well as I do. Just have to stay on my feet instead of landing on my belly on the ground, tillie

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