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Light & Trees
October 11, 2012

I have a habit of categorizing some of my photos, call it photo profiling.  There are some I call “for the masses”, shots I really am not happy with but I know they will get attention, or “likes” in the social realm. The main reason they get posted is because my wife insists you all want me to.  She is usually right, which makes me like the shot even less. Then there are the opposite, they are shots I take for me. There are probably 10 or so in the whole set that fit this category, they are also probably some of the least commented on or “liked” photos. I know, it sounds like I am looking for sympathy, I am. I really like this one. The lens I used is my new 85mm, I used a shallow depth of field (f2.5) to create the dream like feel.  I focused on the tree on the right to make it stand out, I also tweaked in a bit in lightroom to sharpen it a bit. Even my wife likes it, so maybe there is hope.



1/100, 2.5, iso500, 85mm, Nikon D700

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