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Out of Commission
October 3, 2012

You know those safety signs in warehouses and plants, “X days since an incident”? Well the Rice family needs to erase theirs and throw up a 0.  The combined age of the household is 103 years.  That’s 103 years of walking around without ever breaking a bone, until today. After today one of us is walking with a limp.  The boy fractured his growth plate under the right knee. When they were putting the cast on my son he and my wife discussed how this would work its way into the daily pic… and I was not even there. The things we do for art. So, out of commission, no football, no gym and no Taekwondo. Worst part it is not even one of those cool cast where you can draw on them… big deal his leg can breathe and it won’t itch as much, but I want to draw!


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