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Master Plan
October 4, 2012

I came down stairs this morning and looked out the window and it was better than Christmas… one of these little guys was wearing a hat! Well, it was a leaf, but it was positioned on his head like a hat. My wife thought I was insane, I chanted 4-5 times, “squirrels wearing a hat! squirrels wearing a hat!” And he was not the only one out there, there were maybe 8 of them in my front lawn, I assume the one with the hat was the general, just makes sense. I went out this afternoon, wanting to grab a quick shot of one of them (I would have been ecstatic if the general was out there, but I knew better) and there were none to be seen. I leaned against the fence and figured if I stayed quiet it would only be a matter of time. A few minutes later it got creepy. They were everywhere, just not on the ground, they were watching me from above. I counted 10, I was surrounded in my yard, some were sitting on branches, some were maneuvering from tree to tree, all were watching me. No sounds but they were organized, why is no one concerned about their numbers? There seems to be more that ever, and I think they are getting smarter, one of them had accessorized with a hat! Wake up people before it to late, these guys have a plan and I don’t think it ends well for us.


1/125, f5.6, iso5000, 300mm, Nikon D700


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  1. Jamie October 4, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    Maybe they’ve been sent on an acorn recon mission?!

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