thedailypic•Yr5•104/365•1565•Dried, Displayed

Yr5•104/365•1565 Dried, Displayed January 12, 2014

Dried, Displayed
January 12, 2014

This was supposed to be a photo of Jambalya, it is not, but it was going to be.  Here is how this works:

wife made jambalaya,

shot photo of it in bowl,

didn’t like it,

shot it in crock pot,

didn’t like it,

shot it on spoon,

didn’t like it,

ate jambalaya.

grabbed a banana.

cut into pieces,

peeled and stacked shot,

took a macro shot.

did not like it.

found dried fruit on table,

got cutting board,

got step stool,

wife said vertical not horizontal,

liked it.

stacked to move,

thought that was better shot,

wife watching from other angle,

said her view was better,

rotated board,

shot the stack again,

done, that’s the shot,

until wife sees them all,


I choose the stacked shots,

she choose the vertical shot,

we still disagree,

guess who is really in charge

the runner ups are below.


Yr5•105-365•1565•Dried, Displayed Yr5•104-365•1565•Dried, Displayed

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