Yr5•005/365•1466•The Real Decoy

Yr5•005/365• The Real Decoy October 5, 2013

The Real Decoy
October 5, 2013

At today’s Rubber Chicken Comic’s Toy Event, custom toy maker Jason Johnson unveiled his latest creation… the Tim Rice action figure.  This one of a kind piece is awesome.  I saw it for the first time myself today. Thanks to Jason for making such a cool thing to have. Yes, you can get your own.  Once Jason has his site up I will share the info here, or if you would like leave me a note and I can put you in touch.  Check out the detail shots below, I got my hat and even the camera is captured. I shot all of Jason custom creations today for his new page.  Thank you to everyone that came out to the event.  We hope to have another one soon.


Yr4•004-365•Redal Dwcoy Yr4•002-365•Redal Dwcoy Yr4•003-365•Redal Dwcoy Yr4•001-365•Redal Dwcoy

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