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Yr4•354/365 Maureen & Jeff September 20, 2013

Maureen & Jeff
September 20, 2013

It is late, but it was worth it.  What an incredible wedding. I love what I do. Period. I love being behind the camera. I love the reaction I get when I show the shot I captured. I love that people trust me to document their days. 2 and half years ago this bride came through my photo booth at a WMRC Music award event and got her photo taken. We have known each other for many years, though from a distance, friends of friends, neighbors of family, people around town. She introduced me to her boyfriend Jeff and in the same breath said “When we get married, you are going to shoot it.” That was it. Less than a year later, the date was booked, the plan was made and since then I have gotten to know both of them better. They are friends, and I could not have been happier to share in their day.  Blue skies, smiling faces and not a minute of stress. It was a pleasure to be with them. Congratulations to an incredible couple.  I can not wait to share the rest of the work with you, until then enjoy this shot… I had to leave a hint of her smile. It lit up the day.


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