Yr4•319/365 Sunshine August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013

OK, allow me to stray from my normal posts… and get sentimental for a moment, I am sorry, I will find humor, bug or a toy tomorrow. I am not a “my kid is smarter than your pet rat” bumper sticker type of guy.  I believe all parents are proud of their kids, or at least they should be, so bragging seems a bit much. Well these are mine, and I too am proud of them. They are at the age where I can send them out into the world, with the knowledge I have given them and hope they use it for good not evil. Today, I saw them in action… and I am happy to report they use it for good. They both have volunteered all summer at a camp for kids here in Medway, Camp Sunshine, organized by the Barbara, incredible woman in the middle, who just happens to be their Aunt. To see them interact with the kids and counselors was overwhelming. They are respected by the campers, their peers and most of all the directors. They (and all the other volunteer and counselors) made a difference for those kids this summer, and every camper I saw was glowing with joy as we partied today.

This was Dan’s first year and Anna’s third. This was my second year running a photo-booth at their closing carnival. It was a blast, all the kids had a great time, getting photos, ice cream, popcorn and just celebrating the end of summer. Not once did my kids complain about getting up on their vacation days, waiting for a bus as if it were school and going to camp. Working in rain and heat, it did not matter, and the stories they had to share the second I walked in the door each day after work – at times might have been too much to take and hard to keep up with as they spoke at 200 mph and a language only they knew – but they are memories they now share. I don’t say it enough, but these kids are great and they inspire me to be better…  I still will not get a sticker for the truck.



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  1. tillie August 17, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    Tim and barbara you should be proud of your kids, they are great and I am proud to say they are my grandchildren, Beautiful and Happy they are.

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