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Yr4•293/365 Bon Jovi July 21, 2013

Bon Jovi
July 21, 2013

You can forget how much fun arena rock can be in the summer.  Believe it or not I do not go to many “big” shows anymore. Back in my record store days I saw concerts every weekend, but lately it is more local music at the bar down the street and it is fine by me. Then we took the kids to see Paul McCartney a couple weeks ago and last night it was Bon Jovi at Gillette Stadium, we are done for about a decade or so. We had amazing seats, and for a night that was forecast with “Nasty storms” the moon looked awesome as it rose from behind the stage. Tailgated with friends, at one time got within 10 feet of Jon (my wife enjoyed that part a little more than me), it was a blast. It was like hanging out with my youth for 3 hours. Bon Jovi was my first concert, actually it was also my wife’s first concert back on March 12, 1989 at the Worcester Centrum, she sat about 4 rows in front of me, which meant she was 5 rows from the back wall. We knew of each other at the time, but it would be years before we would have a conversation… and last night we were back at a Bon Jovi show almost 25 years later -with no back walls to be found.

As for pictures, I showed up to a sea of cell phones with an actual camera. Phones (and way too many tablets) as far as the eye could see. I grabbed a few videos, got my shots when I could. If you want you can check out a cool version of Bad Medicine (shaky for 15 seconds or so, but gets better) according to the comments on youtube min 7:48 is the best, if you are in to a shirtless 51 year old man. Knowing that somewhere a few miles away, Justin Beiber was playing at the same time, the thought crossed my mind that there had to be at least a few teenie boppers that could not make it to the show last night since their Moms (and Dads) needed the van to make to Gillette. Maybe those kids can try again in 25 years, but I doubt it.


Bon Jovi- Bad Medicine Foxboro, MA 07/20/13 (video)

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