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On the Way
April 18, 2013

I met with Danielle and Tom today to shoot my first (and their’s) Maternity Photo Session. Now, I have photographed many weddings, families, and newborns, but just have never had the chance to check off a maternity shoot. Over the last 2 years I have had 3 scheduled, each for one reason or another, had to be canceled. Maternity shoots are not easy to reschedule, you can not really just put them off until later… twice the baby came early, and the third, bed rest was prescribed. So, when Danielle contacted me to schedule a date in March- when she is due n May, I was excited… we had plenty of time. We did not count on the snow, remember all the snow in March, which then lead to mud. With other conflicts, the date kept getting pushed out… we were set to go this Saturday until the weather reports started to show nothing but rain. Last minute planning and we met tonight. In spite of the black flies, overcast skies, wind and a temp that dropped every few minutes I think it was a successful outing. I hope they had as much fun as I did. I appreciate being part of their special session. Here are a  couple more samples. I am sure I will have more to share, but (the very near future) Mom and Dad will get to see them first.


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