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Spring Rises
April 16, 2013

Editing the shots from NYC, I came across this one of some flowers in Central Park. With all the news pictures online today, I think and simple flower scene might be nice contrast.  I also have added some Central Park Zoo shots, the Sea Lion is a diva, posing and working the crowd, while the Polar Bear couldn’t careless who was there.


Yr4•198-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•199-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•200-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•201-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•202-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•203-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•204-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•205-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•206-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•207-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•208-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•209-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•210-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•211-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•212-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•213-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•214-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•215-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•216-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•217-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•218-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•219-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•220-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•221-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•222-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•223-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•224-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•225-365•Spring Rises.jpgYr4•226-365•Spring Rises.jpg

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