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Empire at Night
April 13, 2013

Day One, New York City, done. I think we have walked 30 miles, well, maybe less, but I think the kids are wondering why we did not drive. They have never been here. Seems like they are enjoying it.  We had lunch in a nice Deli, went to the top of not only the Empire State Building but also Rockefeller Center. I prefer Top of Rock more than Empire.  I think the family will agree the people at Empire State are wound a bit too tight. Our lovely closet, I mean hotel room over looks a very cool looking cement wall and a pigeon.  And Danny is curious why everyone that actually does have a car insists on let us know they also have a horn.  This shot was taken at 30 Rock, the additional shots are from both Rock and Empire.  The reflection shot was Anna’s idea.  She set it up and took it… I was told I had to tell you all that.  Funny since she actually never reads my blog. Tomorrow we see a show, visit the Lego Store and check out Time Square.


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