March 24, 2013

Sometimes memories are for the kids, sometimes they are for the parents… this little one is a friend of mine.  I have photographed her a few times over the last couple years, and it is safe to say this time might have been my favorite.  Now a point could be made that getting enjoyment out of seeing a child being scared out of their minds is cruel and abusive… to those people I say, yea so? She was fine immediately after, to be honest we should feel bad for the Easter Bunny, and while we’re at it, Santa back in December – I was told his visit had a similar result. The good news is she was the winner out of all the kids I photographed at the Lions Annual Pancake Breakfast. The majority of the kids were excited to see the EB, we had hugs, and presents, it was a great morning.  But, then there was poor Ryder, I hope she does not associate me with this particular memory.  I do not think she even knew I was there.  I did see her enjoy some pancakes though, and mom and dad got this great series of photos to remember the experience.  I say that is a Win Win.



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