February 21, 2013

The kids are back, the wife is not. The menu tonight said sausages… precooked sausages, seemed simple enough. My son went tubing today and is beat, and I think he is getting a cold, so we gave him a pass and let him rest on the couch. Problem is that leaves my daughter and me to make dinner. Translation… we might stay hungry.  Danny takes after his mother, likes to cook, pays attention to all the incredible things she makes, Anna and I… well, we can make eggs, but we are out of eggs.  They are precooked sausages, why can’t we just put them in the rolls and add ketchup?  Anyway, we thought this was better solution was better, and notice, paper plate and nothing requires utensils, even added gum… we are practically cleaner for eating it. As I write this Anna is yelling “Beyonce doesn’t have to cook her own food, why should I?” at the stove, tomorrow we might go out to eat.

Here is part three of the Seven Days without a Wife, enjoy:


Seven Days Without a Wife: Day 3 -February 2009

10:23am – The morning went well. To well, I think I have recruited them to my way over Barbie’s. Got them up early, told them no TV. Each of them got ready, no issues, ate breakfast, no issues, then practiced piano (both) (7:30 in the morning) no issues. While they did that I dusted and vacuumed the house. I am sure Barbie can keep up this new routine when she comes back.

Then I sat in traffic for 50 minutes to get to work, not sure how normal people do it. I can not wait until my 6:30 am commute is doable once again.

11:45am – Danny’s teacher called my cell. I had written her a note, the context is not important, what I found to be interesting was her concern for me. Kept telling me she is aware my wife is on vacation, so she understands if I was not able to handle all the homework, reading or getting stuff ready for school. I wonder, would she call a mother and mention the same thing if the father went away… sexist a little? Hmmm? Wonder if Danny told her about the dishes?

7:16pm – They always eat with their hands, what the hell is the problem? All of a sudden we have to use utensils. Why is it when they have a fork they won’t use it? Every night I need to tell Danny to use one, but now that we are out of clean forks and they NEED to have one… cut the crap eat the peas with your fingers… its fun! Paper plates helped. Maybe I could get them to drink from the milk jug too?

8:21pm – I just spent the last 35 minutes saying noting but “stop touching him/her” each of them: “I bumped in to him”, “she stopped in front of me and made me run into her”, “I accidentally smacked him in the back of the head”, “I did not mean to grab her hair and pull out a clump and try to put it back before she noticed…” seriously no touching! I would never have touched my sister at that age… don’t kids know about cooties anymore? I think cooties were created by parents just to get their kids to stop touching each other.

11:12pm – Another day done, they get better. The weekend should be fine. No school to get ready for. Got basketball in the morning, Danny has a play date, the only issue I see is the birthday party Anna has to go to. I am not a fan of the Bday drop off. Talking to people and everything, not fun, but I think I can do it. My cough is coming back though.

Status: Progress will lead to success.


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  1. Al Landry February 23, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

    From the looks of the plate you have enough of the food groups and it does not have to be heated! It is a perfect dinner during a snow storm.

  2. Spencer February 21, 2013 at 6:55 pm #

    You now need to pour syrup over EVERYTHING. Bon appetite.

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