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Prospect Hill
February 11, 2012

Here is my original shot from yesterday – I get to cheat now and then. This would have been posted had I not been disturbed by the icicle incident. (I still do not like that photo but I have been told it is good to stretch outside my comfort zone.  I guess not liking my own photos is stretching… somehow.)  This was taken at Prospect Hill Cemetery in Millis MA.  A friend of mine shoots incredible photos there, he has told me the light is beautiful in the morning, and it was.  I really wanted a fence scene so was driving around early Sunday looking and remembered his suggestion. That and I remembered the fence since I am pretty sure I leaned against it 23 years ago after I changed a tire on my car on the way to work – random I know. The fence runs throughout the whole cemetery.  I started elsewhere and will add the first shot below.  I stepped into a snow bank to get the first attempt and was buried up to my waist in snow.  I like it, the shot, not the snow, but it was not what I was looking for.  I wanted a landscape shot, the only way to do that at the first spot was to have headstones visible and it is not what I had pictured in my head. So on the drive out, this section right on the street caught my eye. I have a few different angles, the one that is the daily was the last shot. Thanks to Gibb for the suggestion – 3 years ago, in the summer, when we were talking about shooting leaves, just know if you suggest something to me I will remember it, eventually, and maybe not in the way you intended for me to use the info, but I will remember it.


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