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Does Whatever an Elf Can
December 21, 2012

Check this out, pretty cool right? I pick up random toys and stuff all the time.  Back in October I shot a photo-booth at my favorite store Rubber Chicken Comics – check them out for great holiday gifts – and bought this Spider-man costume for a Captain Action figure.  I had not immediate use for it so I tossed it in the prop bin figuring I would find a need eventually. 3 months later I borrowed this elf to photograph and he has been sitting around for a few weeks. Originally we were going to tie him up, hang him, blindfold him, I even thought of introducing fire, but there are so many “inappropriate” shots of him out there already… then it dawned on me, this costume is a perfect fit. Add some rope, tape and a push pin in the ceiling and I have a Spider-Elf. I just wish the kids were younger and the Elf on the Shelf still “worked” on them. This would have been a cool way to use it.  There was also a Hawkeye, Captain America, Loki and Thor outfit. How great would it have been to change the suit every few days and use the Loki version when they had been bad.



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  1. Bob F December 21, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    My nephew is going to love this pic when I show it to him! Well done!

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