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Serious Note
November 13, 2012

On a serious note: Tonight I sat down with my wife and my lawyer and discussed Estate Planning. Exciting isn’t it? (Yes, I will turn anything into a photo opportunity)  I learned a lot, did you know the government has a say in where all you stuff goes if you don’t plan? Where you would think logic would come into play, it doesn’t, the government trumps logic, but my new estate plan trumps the government so HA!

Best of all, I did not have to leave my house. Our lawyer, Jason Carrozza of Carrozza Law in Bellingham MA, was great.  He set up a time, came to out house, sat down with us, explained the options, and made me think about my own death 5-6 times, we laughed. I heard the kids snicker from the other room as we discussed – in case of a tragic accident and Tim is incapacitated. It was a good time.  Every now and then you need to do the grown up things. I am glad I did it. It is one of those things that has been on the list for years, now gutter guards have moved up the priority ladder. Had I know Jason would make it so easy… well actually I did, but I have a horrible procrastination problem.

Anyway, we all need to do it, and if you need a lawyer, I highly recommend Jason, he makes it simple and we even laughed a bit as we discussed who was going to leave the planet first, my wife and I do not agree on this one – and betting on it seems anti-climatic.  This kind of turned into a commercial… so while I am at it, I will even use his tag line, “if you fail to plan your estate, the state will plan it for you” (think about it). If interested check out his site here and come back tomorrow for some toy picture or something not so deep.




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  1. Christine November 14, 2012 at 7:09 am #

    Really informative…Thanks Tim.

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