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Junk Mail
November 5, 2012

So, this is the only public political statement I will make this season. I used to be very vocal politically, then I sat down and measured the use of my time, from that list I eliminated things to free up stress. Arguing politics was one of the things lost in the process.  I can say, it has been hard this year, but I can also add it made this election even more interesting.  I still have my beliefs, my roots and views, but watching the arguments from the side – you see more. You see more ugly, and neither side has a monopoly on it. After tomorrow night I would imagine it will be hard for some people to look at themselves in the mirror. With all of that said, here is my addition to the noise.

Junk Mail: Between October 22 and today my house has received 30 pieces of politics propaganda.  I have been saving them to shoot this photo.  I am sure my wife will be happy to not see the pile on top of the fridge anymore. So in addition to the photo I thought I would breakdown what I received – in no particular order:

  • 2 for Warren – Mass Senator. Only 2, and only one was mailed, the second was hand delivered by some guy, he rang the doorbell while I was watching football. The hand delivered one is simply a he said / she said on the issues.  The one mailed I really thought was for Obama, until I looked at it today. From the photo I am led to believe Warren is friends with Obama.
  • 8 against Warren – Mass Senator. They all talk about lack of honesty, her wealth and a few bring up the Native American issue. From these: I would describe her as Non-Native American, incredibly wealthy Harvard Professor, who stole money from poor people and will make old  people give up their health care.
  • 5 for Brown – Mass Senator. Everyday is causal Friday for Scott.  In most photos he is sporting that famous bomber jacket or a sweater.  Also, all 5 mailings are addressed to my wife, they all say say he is strong on woman’s issues and are branded “Women for Scott Brown, he’s for us”. From reading these, one could assume men are not voting this year.
  • 6 against Brown – The theme of these are all simply the fact that he is Republican, he could be the deciding vote, with some added shots at his truck. From these I would describe him as a truck lover, who actually will not be making his own decisions, but will give power to all the other Republicans and this is a bad thing.
  • 7 for Kennedy – Mass Congress. If this was a word count competition, Kennedy would win hands down.  His mailings are like books. Kennedy has alot to tell and he owns a lot of blue shirts, that he wears with random groups of people: workers, elderly, families, college kids – just as many photos as words.
  • 0 for Sean Bielat – Mass Congress. If I did not know better, the only way I would known he was running is because Kennedy told me in 3 of his mailings. He might be friends with Romney because again, Kennedy showed me a picture.
  • 3 for Rich Eustis – State Representative Mass 10th District. Only 1 of them mentioned his candidate, one of them makes me think he is a friend of Scott Brown – there is a picture, must have been casual Friday again.
  • 4 for Scott Roy – State Representative Mass 10th District. No mention of his candidate by name in any of them, but all 4 want me to like his page on facebook.

In addition some random things that are noticeable from all this, neither Brown or Warren name each other in the “for” mailings. Some of Warrens are so confusing, I had to read them 2-3 times to figure out if it was “for” or “against” her.  The only photos of Warren in any of the Brown mailings are doctored to make her look horrible, either that or the photos of Warren in her materials are doctored to make her look better, either way… she does not look the same in either. Last, I know I live in Massachusetts, so my vote for President is not as important as other states (how did Florida get so powerful?) – but not one piece of literature from either Obama or Romney? I remember getting a ton of mail from Obama four years ago – curious.

What does this tell us?  I have no idea. A lot of trees were killed? In the end, go vote tomorrow. Then when it is done, take a deep breath, no matter who wins what, we all win (for a little while) just because it is over.




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  1. Kathy November 5, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    Tim as always you are so right! Love your take on all of it and thanks for sharing it. Just what I needed the night before the election.

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