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I have been uninspired to shoot toy photos lately. Subjects go in cycles. The last few weren’t interesting to me, plain. Sitting at the studio tonight, this Hulk has been on the shelf waiting his turn, and it hit me… dirt. This is not photo-shopped, I am sure it could had been, but I rather shoot it in the camera. A handful of dirt, one light and reflector and 5 shots, 4 attempts and a vacuum to clean it all up. The progress is shown below. My favorite is above.


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thedailypic•Yr4•227/365•Dance Force

Dance Force
May 16, 2013

This afternoon was the 2nd annual visit with my camera to my daughter’s dance school. Anna and I had the idea to get her dance class to help with an over done photo fad, (at least it is not planking)… we thought we could do it better. The awesome Miss Jen not only allowed me to use a part of the class to shoot it, she made a perfect “villain” with what she called her “Mom Face”.  I can not recommend Jen’s Medway Dance Authority enough.  I met Jen when she was just setting up her studio.  She was one of my first customers at my one hour photo lab.  She would come and get her photos developed and tell me about the new school with such a passion that if I had a daughter I knew where she would dance.  Here we are 17 years later and my daughter will be starting her 10th year at the school in the fall. Jen and her staff are incredible with the girls. Their recital was last weekend and gets better every year. Thank you Miss Jen and girls for helping me with the photo, I hope you all had fun. I think we raised the bar, I need to figure out what we will shoot next year. Check out the rest below.


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