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thedailypic•yr8•290/365•2847•New Shoes


As families grow they need to get photos updated. Madelynn and her shoes joined Lukas, Mom and Dad.





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thedailypic•Yr8•195/365•2752•Madelynn Emma at 5 Days Old

Two weeks ago we had a maternity session at the studio… well today I met the new addition and she is a she, Madelynn Emma, 5 days old. Welcome Madelynn, big brother Lukas will tell you how the photo sessions go.


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thedailypic•Yr8•181/365•2738•To Be Determined

Lukas is a couple weeks from being a big brother and he doesn’t know if it is a sister or brother. He is excited either way… the final countdown has begun.


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thedailypic•Yr7•342/366•2533•Sneakers for Four

Yr7•342-366•2533•Sneakers for Four

A story in photos…


Yr7•342-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•343-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•344-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•345-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•346-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•347-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•348-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•349-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•350-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•351-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•352-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•353-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•354-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•355-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•356-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•357-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•358-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•359-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•360-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•361-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•362-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•363-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•364-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•365-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•366-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•367-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•368-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•369-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•370-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•371-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•372-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•373-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•375-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•374-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•376-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•377-366•2533•Sneakers for Four Yr7•378-366•2533•Sneakers for Four

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thedailypic•Yr7•294/366•2485•Lukas at 5

Yr7•294-366•2485•Lukas at 5

I have been photographing this guy since he was only a few days old. Today we did his 5 year session. It is fun to watch Lukas grow up through my camera. I feel I will blink and I will be shooting his Sr Photos.


Yr7•294-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•295-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•296-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•297-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•298-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•299-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•300-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•301-366•2485•Lukas at 5 Yr7•302-366•2485•Lukas at 5

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