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thedailypic•yr8•313/365•2870•Lone Pig

Toy Wednesday, I reached into the bucket of figures and this is what I got.


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Senior portrait night for Shannon. We used her barn as a backdrop. Horses, dogs, cats and beautiful light. Thanks for letting me capture these for you Shannon.


Yr7•329-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•331-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•330-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•335-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•327-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•334-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•332-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•333-366•2518•Shannon Yr7•328-366•2518•Shannon

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thedailypic•Yr6•349/365•2175•Baby’s Look

Yr6•349/365•2175 Baby's Look September 13, 2015

Baby’s Look
September 13, 2015

Baby was a find at the Brimfield fair, she is creepier than this photo shows. There will be more with her I am sure.  She was recovered from an old barn and is in need of a good cleaning, one I will not be providing since the photos will be creepier in her current state.



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thedailypic•Yr5•254/365•1715•Broad Side

Yr5•254/365•1715 Broad Side June 12, 2014

Broad Side
June 12, 2014


I found this on the side of the road last year. I tend to bring crap like this home, makes my wife very happy. I picked it up to use as  a backdrop. It works alone as a subject too. It is very cool, looks like it could have been on a barn or old shed.  I wish I could remember where I grabbed it. I think it would make a cool wallpaper for my desktop.


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thedailypic•Yr5•102/365•1563•Single Horse, Winter Day

Yr5•102/365•1563 Single Horse, Winter Day January 10, 2014

Single Horse, Winter Day
January 10, 2014

I stopped to take this guys picture today, I he was photo-bombed by a friend, see below.


Yr5•102-365•1563•Single Horse, Winter Day


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