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The Pumpkin King
October 21, 2012

Pumpkin carving is a sport in this house.  The selections were made yesterday. The table was set this morning, tools, cloth, one bucket for guts, one for seeds. No power tools this year – in the past drills, jig saws and even a sawzall have been fair game. Just the knives, spoons and scooper were enough.

I am proud to say the kids have outgrown the templates, though the girl did use a One Direction logo as a guide.  Time was spend online by some looking for inspiration. My son has had his plan for months, simple, big pumpkin eats small pumpkin. I grabbed some white pumpkins this year and made a tribute to Jack. We have Harry Potter and sight scene and we even made a pumpkin mask that was handed around and at one time might have been on the dog.

To check out the whole set click here.

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