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Yr5•021/365•1481 What's Your Frequency October 21, 2013

What’s Your Frequency
October 21, 2013

I had three sessions yesterday, 2 early and one later in the afternoon.  In between the plan was to watch the Patriots beat the Jets.  Even though the Pats did not live up to their part of this plan I was able to see most the game thanks to DVR and avoidance of the radio and social media. So, on my way home from the second session, just a little after kick off I turned the radio in the truck to WBUR, figuring I would be safe from any updates on the game.  This American Life with Ira Glass was on.  I love that show, but had not heard it in a while.  It must have stayed with me the rest of the day, because last night I had a dream I was a guest on it. I drove, what seemed to be a very short drive, to Chicago where went to Ira Glass’s house… now I am sure it is not recorded in his house but it was last night.  We sat at a table in his basement and we talked about the dailypic project.  The best part was not about the pictures, the blog or the fact that I had taken 1500 photos, it was about I did not know how to end it.  That was the theme… people that can’t figure out how to stop things they started.  It was a cool dream, and in full disclosure, I went to their website today and looked up the process to submit ideas for stories.  Maybe there will be a dailypic from Ira’s house in Chicago someday?


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