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Yr4•347/365 Spider-man No More September 13, 2013

Spider-man No More
September 13, 2013

John Romita’s classic cover, all red background with a dejected Peter Parker walking towards you. I read a reprint of this in the 80’s, the story was great but the cover… the cover blew me way when I was 12. When I was 12 this book was almost 20yrs old.  The shop I went to in downtown Milford had it up on the wall for what at the time might as well have been a million dollars. It was all I could do to find the 65 cents for new books, forget about classic back issues. Well today the plan was to shoot something 13th related, I also had to drop off some flyers for a photo show I am having at Rubber Chicken Comics in October (see below for the info – hope you can join us). In I walk to Rubber Chicken and it was all over.  Super Steve was unloading a new collection they had just picked up… containing some incredible books.  Including this one, Amazing Spider-man #50, Spider-man No More. I now own it, and some others I might have picked up to fill in the collection.  The geek in me has a goal of owning all 700 issues of Amazing Spider-man. Currently it is an impressive collection if you look at it backwards. The lower the number the spottier it gets. We can all dream.  Today I got a favorite. It is not in the best of shape, and to me that is OK.  It was rated a 5 out of 10, some frayed edges, pencil marks on the cover, it has been read. That does not bother me, it was read again tonight, 46 years after it was printed. It goes to the top of the pile of favorites.  Up there with Amazing Spider-man 121 and 122, 152, 254, 267 (signed by Stan Lee), 300 and Annual 21 to name a few. Sorry no Friday the 13th picture… sometimes it about me. By the way, my wife may or may not know about this…. so why don’t we all agree not to bring it up again, OK?


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