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Yr4•332/365 Pentax Auto 110 August 29, 2013

Pentax Auto 110
August 29, 2013

Another one from the collection.  I have actually used this one a few times.  Introduced in 1978, the Pentax Auto 110 is a cool little camera, even though it is a horrible format. I got it for $5 and a disposable camera when I owned my store. A kid came in the shop and said he had just bought it for $5 at the “Junk Sale” some charity was running in the parking lot.  He wanted to buy film for it, he was eager to take pictures and really had no interest in the fact that it was a good camera.  It was 1997… I did not regularly stock 110 film, not much call.  I think he was 13-14 years old, I remember he was ticked. He was determined to go back and yell at the people who sold him the camera, as if they would care.  I offered to pay him what he paid for the camera, then I tossed him a disposable so he could shoot photos right away. He left happy and I had a new camera for the collection. It goes for $50-$75 on eBay, even more if I had some of the other lens that go with it. I think it was a good investment.


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