thedailypic•Yr4•298/365•Leaf, Rain, Down

Yr4•298-365 Leaf.Rain.Down July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

Alright, I feel I have mailed in these shots this week. Seemed to have lost all desire to shoot a picture.  In the 4 years, this has happened a few times – lasts a few days until something clicks.  Not sure if it is the weather, boredom or what… but 2x this week this almost ended. Really close. (Closer than ever before) I have never not posted a photo… since 10/1/2009. I will admit it is less than 5% of the time that the shot was not taken on the day posted and even those are usually within a 24 hour period. I shoot almost everything that day – so I was not going to grab an old shot and cheat. Now, you could argue or ask, who made these rules?  Well, I did. So, if they are my rules why don’t I just modify them? I don’t know… I just won’t. I know, no I promise, if I miss a day it is over.  There will be more photos, I might even still call it the dailypic for awhile, but it would not be the same – one day will become 2, then a week, and month, etc.  I can not break the streak… or it is over.  There will be an end, and since I obsessed with dates and numbers I assume it will be monumental, 5 full years, 2000 photos… something like that.  It can’t go out quietly on a random Friday because I got lazy.  With all this said, I love this shot, I really like yesterday’s, the toy shot with the doll is cool… I HATED Mondays shot, and really birdseed, man that sucked? So, I guess during this funk I am 3 for 5… not a bad average, I guess.  See you tomorrow for day 1395, maybe…


Yr4•299-365•Leaf Water Down Yr4•298-365•Leaf Water Down


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  1. Claire July 26, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    You must continue, it gives me something to live for.

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