thedailypic•Yr4•296/365•Creepy is

Yr4•296/365 Creepy is July 24, 2013

Creepy is
July 24, 2013


My goal with shooting toys is to give them personality in the frame. I want people to be able to connect with them, Legos, action figures all of them. Last year I came across this naked, hairless, faceless doll at a flea market, she cost me a quarter. Worth every penny. What a great challenge, how do I make a faceless doll connect with the viewer. I shot her in the woods last year, I will add the shot below. I got a few responses, creepy, scary, unnecessary – more than I expected to be honest. It means she connected though, negatively possibly but still. This time she is wedged between some trees looking right at you, without any eyes. Let the hate mail begin.


Yr4•296-365•Creepy is



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