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Water Weight
July 1, 2013

So I need to recover from 5 days on a cruise where there is no limit on the food you can eat, one night I had 5 lobster tails – in one sitting. I have no idea how many ice cream cones I ate, the only way I could have had more was if the damn soft serve machine was in my room. On the last night I ordered a pizza from the 24 hr pizza stand, my wife questioned me “Did you really just order a pizza, it is 10pm?”, my immediate answer was, “I only had one dinner.” It is a culture of food, available food, where everyone eats whatever they want and no one is to be judged.  All I could think of was the Disney movie Wall•e, how the humans on the ship looked… I was on a path to become one of them. To be honest the food was not even all that great.  I would give it a 7 out of 10.  It was just there.  I think I would have rather less opportunity to eat if I could eat more 9 and 10 out of 10 meals. At least it was only 5 days.  I came back 8lbs up… I can live with that.  Back on the treadmill, back to a routine, no more soda and ice cream. Damn I miss that bad food.

P.S. I do not weigh 315lbs… yet, the higher number made a more interesting photo. Really, I am not lying, stop judging me and get me an ice cream…


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