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Graduation 5/6
June 12, 2013

I will keep this short, kids graduate too much, in my town you can go to 6 graduation ceremonies for a kid before they are 18. 1-pre school, 2-Kindergraten, 3-2nd Grade(you leave one school for another), 4-4th Grade (technically the end of Elementary), 5-Middle School Completion, and finally the one that matters 6- High School Graduation. What are we teaching them? They are supposed to go to school, they are supposed to complete each grade.  So they are being recognized for doing what they are supposed to. They are going to be pissed when they hit the job market. Do not get me wrong, I am very proud of my kids in what they do. They know it, I tell them.  They also know how I feel about this and I think they might even agree. Congratulations to the parents (where are our certificates) of all these kids, for getting them up every morning, for not strangling them when they refuse to do home work, for pretending you have a clue when it comes to the new math, for not blowing a gasket on the Spanish teacher and having them deported – it’s an expression and most of all for sitting through the “paper distribution”ceremony tonight. My kid can’t use this to get a job, it won’t go on her resume and the ultimate insult she still needs to show up for 9 more days of classes.


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  1. Anonymous June 12, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

    I thought it was a beautiful, touching ceremony. It was not billed as a graduation, but as an awards and recognition night. I was so impressed by how many kids are involved in so many different activities. Try to enjoy these little milestones in your kids’ lives. Before you know it they will be gone and poor Barb will be the sole focus of your attention…..

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