thedailypic•Yr8•066/365•2623•Joe Hanlon Field – Medway High School


I beat the snow, this shot has been on my list for awhile, I made it over the weekend before the winter weather showed up. Joe Hanlon Field at Medway High School looking quiet from above, with a glimpse of afternoon light. I personally miss the “old” High School field on Holliston St. The one with divots in the grass, pot holes in the track, scary bleachers that never felt secure enough. That was the way you built character, or broke an ankle.

If interested this will be available for purchase. I have a few metal versions arriving this week. I hope (fingers crossed) to have some at the vendor show I will be doing at T.C. Scoops 6-9pm, Medway Shopping Plaza, Thursday December 8th. If not, I will have copies at the gallery.


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