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A is for Armadillo
May 1, 2013

So, I reluctantly ventured out to an authentic Cattle Ranch for the last night of my conference. It was a well choreographed, corporate entertainment outing, Texas style. Meat, Great Band, Beer, Rodeo, Cowboys and this guy, the Armadillo.  He was very cool.  I got to hold him later in the night, he scratches like a cat. Check out some other samples from the night.  I will make a set soon and share the rest.


Yr4•213-365•A is for Armadillo.jpgYr4•214-365•A is for Armadillo.jpgYr4•215-365•A is for Armadillo.jpgYr4•216-365•A is for Armadillo.jpgYr4•217-365•A is for Armadillo.jpgYr4•218-365•A is for Armadillo.jpg



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