February 13, 2013


I sell many of my photos at fairs, shows and online.  I would say over half of them are of toys, and most of those are Legos. The number one question I get lately is why no girl Lego people?  One person recently got rather offended by my apparent sexism. To him and all the rest of you I sincerely apologize, it was not done on purpose. I do know my daughter enjoys all the Lego shots I have in my portfolio, no matter the gender… but I learned a long time ago- customers always think they are right and you need to do something or they will keep yelling. I think that is Wal-Mart’s motto.  I did recently have a Wonder Woman Lego shot that I really liked and now I have the skier. It is a step in the right direction before the ACLU shows up and takes all my toys away. Equal Shots for Equal Legos!



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