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Panic People
February 7, 2013

Insane, the easiest way to be ashamed of your fellow New Endangers is to head to a supermarket before a snow storm. There were no carriages, milk, bread or eggs. The lines were into the aisles, I worked in a grocery store for 7 years, this was the busiest non-Thanksgiving crowds I have seen.  Now, you could ask me, why were you there?  Honestly, to get this photo.  I bought nothing.  I just observed, documented, got a dirty look from a guy making a dozen eggs out of any eggs he could find that were not broken. Brown, white, large, jumbo, it did not matter… he saw me take the picture and glared at me. One: I know him from town, were are not strangers, we will meet again. Two: I took a picture, he was hoarding eggs, like some sort of freak in public.

What happened to us?  Or have we always been like this? I remember the Blizzard of 78, I was 4. So, I do not get to recite all the details, but I remember a neighborhood kid (Bobby Andersen) coming by my house with a sled asking if he could get something for us at the store.  I remember my Dad being stranded at my Grandfather’s house.  I have heard the stories about it being a surprise and people were caught unprepared, yet we survived. That was 35 years ago… Technologies, and shovels have come a long way. Have we ever been caught unprepared since?  I am pretty sure the answer is no.  The closest would have been the April Fools snow storm in 97, but even that just melted in a few hours.  Take back the power people, ignore the hype, boycott spewers of panic like Kevin Lemanowicz and the rest of the perky nerds.  I am pretty sure it will snow, I am sure we will shovel/plow/remove it and I am sure we will survive as a people.  Now if we don’t won’t I look stupid. Maybe the only one that will make it will be the egg hoarder, well that’s a world I don’t want to be a part of anyway.


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  1. tillie February 8, 2013 at 9:26 am #

    Very good Tim, I remember the blizzard of 78, I had your mother-nlaw at my house for about 4 days, they were visiting and it snowed so hard you could only see their atenia on their little car in my yard. the car was completely covered.

  2. Christine February 8, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    I’m glad we went shopping Wednesday! Hope all goes well during the storm. I’m going to make an omelet and a cup of coffee while we have power!

  3. Bob F February 7, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

    Kevin Lemanowicz… well played!

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