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From the Chair
January 15, 2013

Dental work, needs to be done sometimes. My family has a new Dentist office, Carchidi in Medway. The kids and wife were the first to visit them, all came back raving how it is great it was to have a ‘nice dentist’, ‘the staff is great’, ‘they didn’t yell at us’. I would be lying if I said I bought into it, I have not had the best luck with dentist in the past, which I always found ironic. Other offices seemed to be annoyed that I was there, yet, if I had not needed their services their kids would have had to go to cheaper schools.  Seemed counter productive to the business model… make the customer so uncomfortable they do not want to come back. So, I did not… we found a new one.

Last week I went in for my initial visit, some x-rays, introductions, cleaning, all the good stuff. My kids were right, they are just nice people.   The office is bright, clean, in a beautiful historic building, just a comfortable place. Though, there was bad news, I had to come back, tonight.  I thought I would make a late appointment to not disrupt work, that was a mistake… I dreaded it all day.

I get in, settled into the seat and I was talking with Dr. Carchidi when I randomly asked if I could take a picture of his light.  I had planned on shooting an old building in the parking lot I had noticed last week.  I had the small camera in my pocket, the light looked cool, so I asked if he would mind. I moved the light around, got it just right, then grab the shot. I am sure even after my 45 second of the explanation of the blog/photo project, 1400+ days, passion, sell, books, weddings, portraits… blah, blah, blah, he thought I was a little off, but he was generous with his patience.  I got my repairs, it was painless and easy, all is good. I can say the dread of the day was not worth the event. This is good to know, since I go back in 2 weeks to replace some more antique pieces from my childhood.  Maybe next time I will bring the whole Nikon set-up with flash,bracket, reflectors, there is a lot of cool stuff that would look neat shot with the macro lens, though that might be pushing it.



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  1. Christine January 16, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Glad your visit went well!!!!! Looking forward to seeing more dentist office photos!

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