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Olivia & Owen
December 06, 2012

Over the years my client base has grown, meeting new families, couples, shooting photos of their weddings, newborns, milestones, it is such a great job to have. As awesome as all these new families are, there is something special about being invited to photograph people I have known most my life.

I can break my ‘photographic history’ into two parts. At one time I shot weddings, portraits and events, all with film cameras, simply on the side. Nothing really organized, I never really looked for work, it was more word of mouth, people knew I had a camera and could use it.  They knew I had a one-hour film lab that for whatever reason added credibility and I would get asked a few times a year to shoot something. Real casual, then by my choice, I stopped. Why? Well that is maybe a topic for another blog, but I stopped shooting jobs for a few years.  The camera went away, there is a gap in my portfolio, I stepped away from taking photos all together… ending part one.

Part two starts with facebook, love it, hate it, it is a powerful tool when used correctly and when I joined I saw all these people taking and sharing pictures. It was refreshing and inspiring.  Add a couple other factors to the mix like the right camera – my trusted Nikon D80 that had just as much of an impact as my Pentax K1000 did years before – a purchase of my family’s first Mac, the ingredients were there to get back into photography and now I had a place to share what I took with others. The dailypic was born adding a new form of credibility. Then came the calls, or messages this time like “I have seen your photos, can you shoot pictures of my family, baby, wedding,” but this time it was different. It was not “nice to do”; it was something I was passionate about. It began with a couple people I knew, or had known years before. A wedding for an old friend that I had kind of fallen in and out of touch with, a newborn shoot with someone I used to sit next to on the bus in Kindergarten. All initiated by photos they saw online, on facebook. A little timricephoto trivia, I am not even sure if she knows it, but the newborn shots for the friend from the bus, well it was her check that I purchased the domain name for

Where am I going with this, well, I love meeting new families, new clients, I cannot grow my business without them, and technically many of these new families are from old roots. The kids in today’s daily, which I will admit was shot last Saturday (I can cheat every now and then), are Owen and Olivia. 2 year old twins, who’s Mother and I graduated together. I am sure if you had told either of us way back in the last century, that I would be shooting photos of her kids in 2012 we would not even had acknowledged you, yet here is the proof. I met the twins last year to shoot card photos (and got a workout trying to keep up with them), then I spent Easter morning this past spring chasing them around again on their egg hunt and as I said this past weekend, which was a huge success.

I have said it before, I am honored to take part in capturing these memories, but there is something extra special when it is for people I have known. People that without these opportunities might be at best, just another friend on my list on facebook, that I might not get to reconnect in such a great way, through the next generation. And it is not just Owen and Olivia, there is Kayla and Alicia, Ellie and Jordan, Andrew and Amber, Mercedes, Kira, AJ, Jillian, Jenna and Jackie, Emily and Jamie… and I know there is more (it is always dangerous to start a list). Thank you all, and public apologies can be issued for those neglected to make the list.  Most of all, thank you to the twins for letting me get so many great shots this year without running, sweating and gasping for air, though this year I did wear a short sleeved shirt and sneakers.



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  1. Kari December 6, 2012 at 9:25 pm #

    Brought a little tear to my eye. Very well said. You have captured 3 important events for us for which I am grateful. I can not wait for the next one!!

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