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Apple Away
November 25, 2012

We blew up stuff today, this is what happens when I have too much time off. Thursday: Thanksgiving, Friday: Cut down the Christmas Tree, Saturday: Decorate the house, see a parade and fireworks, Sunday: Blow crap up and take pictures of it. Makes sense.

I knew going into this, that in order to get what I wanted, I would need luck. The max shutter speed of my camera is 1/8000th of a second, sounds fast but it is not fast enough to capture the explosion the way I had hoped.  I have read enough blogs and books to know that there are flashes and cameras that are made just for this type of photography, but I will try to make almost anything work, using what I have. The family was amused, the neighbors were curious, fortunately the cops were not involved. (For the “record” this was all done using photoshop and a green screen, since I know it would be wrong to attempt such an act in my state.)

My backyard may or may not look like a fruit salad, 4 apples, 1 orange, a small gourd and a cantaloupe fell victim today. This was the best sequence, the cantaloupe would have been the best shot if I had not aimed the impact backwards and rather turned it to the side, since it only did damage and tore off a piece.  It got cold quick, especially when your hands are covered in fruit juice, so we will attempt this again, but for now this is what I got. Below are all the frames, fuse to mess + the cantaloupe.

1/8000sec, f5.6, iso 25600, 300mm, Nikon D700


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