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thedailypic•Yr8•197/365•2754•Josie & Bentley

Another annual yard sale, another awesome Josie chalk portrait by Dawn, this time with her new friend Dr. Bentley Wags. Here is last year’s, these two had a blast playing today.

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thedailypic•Yr5•208/365•1669•Other Peoples Things

Yr5•208/365•1669 Other Peoples Things April 27, 2014

Other Peoples Things
April 27, 2014

Today we were part of a huge multi-family yard sale. I am always fascinated with people who show up at yard sales. It might be one of the bets places to people watch.


Yr5•215-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•214-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•213-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•212-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•211-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•210-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•209-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•208-365•1668•Other Peoples Things Yr5•207-365•1668•Other Peoples Things

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thedailypic•Yr4•007/365•Other People’s Things

Other People’s Things
October 7, 2012


Take a camera to a yard sale, it is cheaper and you don’t need to lug stuff home.  You do get strange looks sometimes, but it nothing a $5 bill can’t cure. One of my neighbors had some really cool stuff.  You can see even more items from this yard sale by clicking here. I did not get out with just the $5 for photos though, I had to call my wife over to lug some stuff home.

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