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thedailypic•yr8•256/365•2813•The Songwriters

For Dan’s Birthday he got a new guitar and a songwriting lesson with Ellis Paul. The Skype session was tonight. It was cool to listen to them brainstorm on a song Dan is working on, bond over AC/DC and just talk music. Ellis even sang some of Dan’s new song, I think that was his favorite part. I will use it as another excuse to share one of my favorite videos of Dan and Ellis singing 3000 miles. We highly recommend booking a mentoring session with Ellis if you are interested in such things, he is the best at what he does. As for Dan’s new song – it is a work in progress but is awesome. He will be debuting it at the Tradesman’s show he is doing August 27th.


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Last night was the 5th annual WMRC Local Music Awards. For the 3rd year straight I was honored to win the “Favorite Local Non-Musician Supporter”. The dog is not impressed, I think she sees the trophy as a threat to my attention. If she only knew how many people asked about her at the award show, I could not make it through the crowd without a compliment on Josie.

As for the show, there really is nothing like it – picture the Grammys but local, watchable and no one is lip syncing. Get out and support local music, the scene is like no other but like anything great, it is fragile. I have been to shows where the rooms are filled to capacity, I have been to shows where I am the only one. These artist give it their all no matter how many are in the room, but these venues will only keep the shows going if it financially makes sense. So go out, buy a beer, have a meal, listen to some great music, then next year vote for your favorites and join us at the next LMAs.

Congratulations to Ray and Molly Auger and all the other coordinators for a perfect night. Thanks to Liz’s Diamond and staff for hosting, Milford TV for broadcasting/recording the show and most of all all the nominees and winners for just being awesome. Below is a photo of all the nominees in one shot, if you want to see the whole set from the night click here and enjoy.



Yr7•236-366•2427•Honors Yr7•237-366•2427•Honors Yr7•238-366•2427•Honors Yr7•239-366•2427•Honors


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thedailypic•Yr7•150/366•2341•Leap Day Social

Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day SocialThe monthly social came early tonight, we refused the 29th of February and counted tonight as the first Monday in March. It was a great one, Beatles songs, Theme from Full House, Ellis Paul (tickets still on sale for 3/13 show in Milford – click here), some of Extreme stopped by to play, the regulars, new blood, Tiger Blood, birthdays, politicians, and tons more great music. Maybe we can do it again next Monday on the actual first Monday of the month.


Yr7•167-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•166-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•165-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•164-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•161-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•162-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•160-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•159-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•157-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•158-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•156-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•153-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•154-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•155-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•151-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•152-366•2341•The Leap Day Social


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thedailypic•Yr7•096/366•2287•Social & Steak

Yr7•096/366•2287 Social Steak January 4, 2015

Social & Steak
January 4, 2015

1st Monday of the month means Steak Dinner and Music Social at the Tradesman. Nice after the 1st Monday back to work. And for yesterday’s photo, the location was Oak Grove Farm in Millis Ma. We had a few correct answers. Got an idea for #SomewhereSunday, let me know.


Yr7•114-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•111-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•112-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•113-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•108-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•109-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•110-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•105-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•106-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•107-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•102-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•103-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•104-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•099-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•100-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•101-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•096-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•097-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•098-366•2287•Social Steak

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thedailypic•Yr5•299/365•1760•The Coffee House

Yr5•299/365•1760 The Coffee House July 27, 2014

The Coffee House
July 27, 2014

Tonight I attended the 8th edition of The Coffee House Concert Series in Milford.  I have said it before, this area is full of so many talented musicians and this show is a great chance to check some of them out. You can watch the live taping open to the public or check it out when it airs on Local Milford TV.  Taken straight from the about section on their facebook page: “A monthly gathering of local original artists sharing their songs and stories on one stage. The Coffee House Concert Series is a live taping at Milford Performing Arts Center on the last Sunday of the month from 7 to 8pm and is broadcasted on Milford TV throughout the next month. Brought to you by WMRC, MPAC and Milford TV.” Not mentioned here is the host, Ray Auger who coordinates and puts the show together. Go like The Coffee House Concert Series facebook page, check out some previous episodes on the Milford TV YouTube page or next month stop by and see it live.  This months performers were left to right: Jeff Royds, Amanda Cote and Jim Ligor & Lou Miano of ZeroDrift, check them all out.


Yr5•302-365•1760•The Coffee House Yr5•301-365•1760•The Coffee House Yr5•300-365•1760•The Coffee House Yr5•299-365•1760•The Coffee House

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