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thedailypic•Yr7•150/366•2341•Leap Day Social

Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day SocialThe monthly social came early tonight, we refused the 29th of February and counted tonight as the first Monday in March. It was a great one, Beatles songs, Theme from Full House, Ellis Paul (tickets still on sale for 3/13 show in Milford – click here), some of Extreme stopped by to play, the regulars, new blood, Tiger Blood, birthdays, politicians, and tons more great music. Maybe we can do it again next Monday on the actual first Monday of the month.


Yr7•167-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•166-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•165-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•164-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•161-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•162-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•160-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•159-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•157-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•158-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•156-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•153-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•154-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•155-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•150-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•151-366•2341•The Leap Day Social Yr7•152-366•2341•The Leap Day Social


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thedailypic•Yr7•096/366•2287•Social & Steak

Yr7•096/366•2287 Social Steak January 4, 2015

Social & Steak
January 4, 2015

1st Monday of the month means Steak Dinner and Music Social at the Tradesman. Nice after the 1st Monday back to work. And for yesterday’s photo, the location was Oak Grove Farm in Millis Ma. We had a few correct answers. Got an idea for #SomewhereSunday, let me know.


Yr7•114-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•111-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•112-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•113-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•108-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•109-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•110-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•105-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•106-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•107-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•102-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•103-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•104-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•099-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•100-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•101-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•096-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•097-366•2287•Social Steak Yr7•098-366•2287•Social Steak

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