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Leahy Wedding Review

Leahy Wedding • Tupper Manor • Beverly, Ma • August 29, 2014



Kind words from the couple:
“If I had to use one word to describe Tim and his work… Only one word comes to mind—- WOW.
Though the word is simple, it is powerful and holds much meaning.
There is no more fitting a word than the one you say when you are amazed, impressed, and touched beyond any other words.
Tim captured our wedding a little over a month ago, on August 29th, and for us, this day was so uniquely special…we are both from different sides of the country and just a year and a half prior we were complete strangers who met in a technology driven world. A west coast girl met an east coast man, and after many years of dating all the wrong, within six months of knowing each other we were engaged. Two weeks later we found out we were having a baby. A month later we got married…Just the two of us, in a 5 minute sunrise ceremony, with no friends or family to witness it. Despite the fact we didn’t exactly get married as we had anticipated, or imagined, we decided that we would still get “married” the way we had always wanted to.. A year from our proposal with our beautiful baby present and joined by all of our friends and family, from opposite sides of the country and many states in between.
The reason I share our story here is only to emphasize how special this day would be to us… A celebration of two strangers who followed their heart, two new parents, two people from opposite sides of the country, two people who knew all too well about heartache, transition, and hardship in raising a new baby completely blind and still learning and getting to know each other. One of the best parts about this celebration would be the first and last time many of our cross country friends and family would ever meet or ever be in the same place at once.
All that being said, when a moment is this special, there are no words, is no picture, no story, NOTHING, to capture the exact feeling in that exact space in time. That is… Until I viewed my wedding photos taken by Tim.
I cannot tell you the overwhelming sense of joy that is felt by all those who shared that moment with us and who also viewed Tim’s pictures. I have never seen anyone literally tell a story, show emotion, capture just the right “you” to tell the story with a simple snap of a flash. While the flash may be simple, as is the word “wow”, there is NOTHING simple about Tim. Tim told our story with every photo. The entire day is relived every time we view the photos because he was able to capture every perfect, funny, loving, meaningful moment and was able to share the story of us.
Tim is a phenomenal person as well and so easy to work with. He is flexible, funny, knows how to get the right shots by merely asking and saying the right thing.
How one complete stranger was able to capture our personalities, the personalities of our friends and family, the joy, radiance, and unconditional love felt from us, by us, and for each other and our growing, little, family, is BEYOND me.  I never realized the ART and true talent that comes with photography until I met Tim and FELT that day ALL OVER AGAIN by just looking at the photos. I found myself laughing out loud, saying “remember when!?”, tearing up, and feeling an immense amount of love….ALL OVER AGAIN. Not only did he provoke this reaction in me, but in every single person I shared the photos with. I received many calls with similar reactions to mine and reliving the moment again out loud through much laughter, smiles, and “remember when’s.” His talent is so REAL, PURE, AUTHENTIC, and MAGICAL.
Thank you, Tim, for telling the story of us so perfectly.
Thank you for creating a memory book that is timeless in its emotion and bliss…. so much so, that it can be lived ALL OVER AGAIN by our children and their children, and our family for many years to come.
My friend, you have found your calling.
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